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For almost two decades, companies around the world have relied on SDL (formely XyEnterprise) to provide the key software element in the most sophisticated and automated publishing systems. That key element is SDL's XML Professional Publisher (XPP). XPP is the the leading standards-based software for the automatic composition, transformation, and rendering of XML or virtually any other source data into high-quality output in PostScript and PDF format.

For more info on the XPP system, go to the SDL Structured Content Division web site


XP2 has been involved in installing, training and automating XPP systems since 1988.
Over the years, XP2 has built up expertise in a wide spectrum of publishing activities:

  • technical documentation
  • scientific journals
  • loose leaf publications
  • catalog publications

Services offered are:

  • tool development: job, div, autoproc tools
  • XyPerl development
  • Webservices development
  • style setup
  • training

XP2: your instant relief

XP2 is specialized in automating publishing environments.

XP2 has its own portable XPP system that is used for development work only. As such, setup and development work will not disturb your production environment and can easily be taken off-site. Many projects are executed completely remotely.

We focus on delivering on time and within budget, low-maintenance solutions to your problem. All of our tools are delivered with a complete and clear documentation.

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