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Who is XP2?

The company?

XP2 is a vendor independent company.
It is privately owned.
Bart Terryn is the founder of XP2.
So I guess your next question is: Who is Bart Terryn?


By education I have a degree in electronics. Rather by coincidence, I have started my career in publishing (or phototypesetting as it was then called). Over the years, I have worked on the vendor as well as on the customer side.

My technical background helps me in many projects. Working for years in a production environment has learned me to keep an eye on implementation cost and delivering projects in time and within budget.

I like Perl and the whole Open Source movement a lot. But at the same time I am realistic enough to use non-open source products whenever I see fit.

I am also active in the XyUser organisation as vice president. Over the years, I have given many presentations during the annual XyUser's meetings on subjects like: Perl, XSLT, XML, ...

The name?

There has to be some logic to the name of this company. Here is the explanation.

XP2 actually stands for X.Pē and in math X.Pē = X.P.P.
And the acronym XPP stands in this case for: Xml Perl Publishing.

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