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Structured information

XML is a standard being used in a broad range of applications. Our primary interest lays in its use within structured documents. The use of structured information is key to being able to better automate the publishing process.

Implementing XML for the first time can be a daunting task. However not all XML is good XML. Mistakes can become costly, as changing the underlying XML structure of your documents will have an effect on all of the XML tools used in your organization.

For more info on the XML, go to the XML.com web site


Already from the SGML years, we have been implementing ML to publishing systems. If you have a project to go from ML to paper, we can help with getting you there.

In many of the implementations we have done, XSLT was used to do the transformation or the generation of tables of content. XSLT is a powerfull tool, but although intended to be used by non-programmers, it is not that simple to get started with.

For more info on the training/consultancy services we offer, please visit our Training/Consultancy page.

On the level of DTD/Schema design, we can assist you to verify if your DTD or Schema is adapted to the publication process.

We also have developed a DTD documentation and expansion tool, that is in use at quite a number of sites. People who are really into heavy DTD development simply can not life without it. Click here for more information on this topic

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