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The new XPP Web Services interface makes available the rich XML publishing capabilities of XPP to Web interfaces, portals, and application integration, providing rapid deployment of automated XML publishing solutions to consumer publish-on-demand applications. End users and their customers can benefit from the ability to connect remotely to trigger and monitor complex publishing events.

The first

XP2 has developed the first XPP WebServices implementation in production worldwide. This Web Services-based system, in production use for case reports, enables LexisNexis UK to deliver editorial content to Letterpart, a UK-based publishing services provider. Letterpart subcontracted the complete design, component selection, development and implementation of this solution to XP2. XP2 developed an Apache2 and mod_perl based solution, that connects through Web Services with the Letterpart XPP system

XP2: your instant relief

XP2 is specializing in automating publishing environments.

XP2 has its own portable XPP system complete with the Web Services option. As such development work will not disturb your production environment and can easily be done off-site.

We focus on delivering on-time and within budget, low-maintenance solutions to your problem. All of our solutions are delivered with a complete and clear documentation.

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