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Training and Consultancy


Although there are many Perl courses around, you will find that many of them center on web development. Hence we have developed a 3 day course that can help your staff in getting up to speed with their Perl development. This course can be easily adapted to your specific needs.

Other optional modules are: XyPerl (2 days), Perl (2days), Perl & XML (2 days) and XPP Perl Tools(1 day)

The single day XSLT training starts first on giving a good understanding on how XSLT works. It then focusses on the essentials that one needs in normal day-to-day XSLT development.

All training is on demand. For more info please contact us.


Building a good working publishing system is a more complex task then just buying a server and adding some software. In larger organisations it will generally affect other units as well. And yet good, knowledgeable and vendor independent advise from somebody who knows and understands the special needs of publishing is hard to find.

Whether you want to implement a new system, extend your existing system with webservices or just want to make your current system more productive, we can help you in finding the right answer and guide you towards success.


During many of the XyUser conferences we have given presentations on:

  • Perl
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • XyPerl

These presentations are excellent introductions to those topics. Through practical examples, they show you how these technologies could be used in your organisation. The normal duration is 3 hours per topic.

For more info on the XyUser group, go to the XYUG web site

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