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Quick Support

Quick Support

XP2 is completely setup to give you an instant solution. No need for long explanations and heavy file transfers. With our XP2 QuickSupport application, we can be on your system within minutes. You will be able to show us what is the problem. We will be able to show you what is the solution. No matter where you are located in the world.


Setting up a remote connection has never been easier thanks to our XP2 QuickSupport Application.
Just press on the button below to download the XP2 QuickSupport application.

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Then run the little program you just downloaded by double clicking the new icon that will show up on your desktop.
When your system gives you a Security Warning, just press Run.
Finally give us by phone or by email the connection ID that will show up in the XP2 QuickSupport window. Leave the litte application running while we make the connection to your machine.
And that's it!

Remote Support

Through the XP2 QuickSupport application, we will be able to work on your system as we were on-site. We will be able to instantly diagnose your problem on your system. No completed VPN setup, no hassle. A high performance connection is made within minutes.

XP2: your instant relief

XP2 can give you instant and high level support for your publishing environment, wherever you are located.

XP2 is specializing in automating publishing environments.

XP2 has its own portable XPP system complete with the Web Services option. As such development work will not disturb your production environment and can easily be done off-site.

We focus on delivering on-time and within budget, low-maintenance solutions to your problem. All of our solutions are delivered with a complete and clear documentation.

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